Web3 community governance system

A dashboard managing multiple Web3 organization membership identities based on ENS model.

Project Type


Shipped 5 sprints in 3 months using agile design approach.




4 months

Product Manager   X1
UX Designer   X1
Engineer   X6


Popularized subdomain and ENS among Web3

In a span of 4 months, I adeptly employed agile design, deconstructing the UX/UI design process into iterative cycles. This enabled swift implementation and refinement of a B2B Web3 organization management tool, integrating staged user feedback for continuous iteration and adaptation to evolving needs, culminating in the victorious outcomes at the ETHSF 2022 and ETHDenver 2023 hackathons.

The problem

Neglect in DAO governance subdivisions causes DAO's low participation and activity.

DAO (decentralized community group) governance need to overcome three key obstacles:


Governance tools need more user-friendly interfaces for easy access, growth, and appeal to non-technical users.


It is difficult to disseminate official documents of the community and archive them on the chain.


Community organizers face difficulties granting voting rights and inviting members, impeding community growth and governance.


How can we simplify airdrops, minting and on-chain document sharing to boost participation in EMS’s DAO governance?

Current market

Our product has high potential in the rapidly growing Web3 DAO market.

I went a little deeper to evaluate and analyze the competitive Web3 community management and engagement platforms.

Org3 has the opportunity to become more comprehensive and communal by focusing on new segment.

The opportunities of Org3 are:

Address a wider set of governance community user scenarios.

Build a DAO ecosystem with social attributes, which goes beyond the typical focus of governance systems.

The work process

A 3-phase design plan

When I was onboarded, I aligned and defined a plan of what to tackle week by week with our PM and engineers. The plan involved designing in 3 phases:

I break down Org3’s opportunity areas to three design opportunities:

Phase 1   
Easy to create the communities

Phase 2   
Design a ecosystem of governance

Phase 3
Design an ecosystem to explore communities

I divided up the problems and solved four rounds of agile design in 3 months.

Phase 1 + 2

Designing the web3 community management in a structured way.

I identified 5 main parts of community management.

These five journeys are the foundation of our system:

Journey 1

Create and join a community in Org3 platform

Org3 supports both novices and experienced web3 enthusiasts to easily join in the platform.

Journey 2

Manage membership rosters

Removing and inviting members is very simple on Org3.

Journey 3

Set community rules

Managing web3 communities requires clear token mint rule, Enables community managers to establish token-minting rules for their community.

Journey 4

Share and transfer multiple files

Org3 supports their communities by distributing updates, announcements and newsletters to keep members informed of the latest developments, events and news within the community.

Journey 5

Distribute tokens to members

Org3 supports the Web3 community to distribute tokens to members for incentives and suppport voting. Each payment will be recorded and classified, making it easier for managers to trace back.

Beta testing

Test and launch

I collected feedback from 12 internal testers and early users in our community over a period of two weeks.

Worked well

Great and clean way to governance my community

Support various methods to govern the community

Need to be improved

Most of members want to access the community on the go

Need an overview dashboard of owned communities

What we were missing

Want to expand and develop their own communities

Need an overview dashboard of owned communities

Phase 3

Help organizations and web3 individuals find each other

Once users settle on the Org3 platform to manage communities, they will want a way to show their influence on the same platform.

Task I

Build a web3 community ecosystem on Org3

Enables community managers to establish token-minting rules for their community.

Task II

Different management dashboards for a user in dual roles of administrator and member

In Org3, you can clearly manage the communities you own and the communities you participate in.

Task III

Adaptable mobile UI design

Developing the mobile app to address our members' need-access the community on the go.


Won the ETHDenver 2023 Hackathon and keep iterating

Org3 is about to collaborate with Optimism, in order to practice our business profit strategies.